image movie

Genre: thriller
Countries: Russia, USA
Year of the release: 2013
Running time: 100′
Production companies: Non-Stop Production, Midnight Sun Pictures,  K.Jam Media
Producers: Alexander Rodnyansky, Sergey Melkumov, Kia Jam, Renny Harlin, Sergey Bespalov, Boris Teterev
Director: Renny Harlin
Сценарий: Vikram Weet, Elena Shatalova, Arkadiy Yagid
Director of photography: Denis Alarkon Ramirez
Music: Yury Poteenko
Cast: Holly Goss, Gemma Atkinson, Luke Albright, Matt Stokoe,Ryan Hawley

The story is based on an actual mysterious incident, that occurred in Ural in 1959: group of nine experienced hikers led by Igor Dyatlov went on a ski trip, but never made it to the final point – all died under mysterious circumstances. Many researches were written and several documentaries were filmed about the death of Dyatlov’s group. But so far there is no clear explanation of this occurred half a century ago tragedy. In 2012 a group of five American students gets the university grant and goes to Ural Mountains on the same route as the Dyatlov’s group went, attempting to solve the mystery of tragic death of the soviet hikers.